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2013 intentions

  • The Faith of Christians. That in this Year of Faith Christians may deepen their knowledge of the mystery of Christ and witness joyfully to the gift of faith in him.
  • Middle Eastern Christians. That the Christian communities of the Middle East, often discriminated against, may receive from the Holy Spirit the strength of fidelity and perseverance.
  • Migrant Families. That migrant families, especially the mothers, may be supported and accompanied in their difficulties.
  • Peace. That the peoples at war and in conflict may lead the way in building a peaceful future.
  • Respect for Nature. That respect for nature may grow with the awareness that all creation is God's work entrusted to human responsibility.
  • Clergy. That bishops, priests, and deacons may be tireless messengers of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
  • Liturgy, Source of Life. That the public, prayerful celebration of faith may give life to the faithful.
  • Mission Churches. That mission churches may be signs and instruments of hope and resurrection.
  • Administrators of Justice. That administrators of justice may act always with integrity and right conscience.
  • Seminaries. That seminaries, especially those of mission churches, may form pastors after the Heart of Christ, fully dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Mutual Respect. That a culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect may prevail among peoples.
  • New Evangelization. That where secularization is strongest, Christian communities may effectively promote a new evangelization.
  • World Youth Day. That World Youth Day in Brazil may encourage all young Christians to become disciples and missionaries of the Gospel.
  • Asia. That throughout Asia doors may be open to messengers of the Gospel.
  • Parents and Teachers. That parents and teachers may help the new generation to grow in upright conscience and life.
  • The Church in Africa. That the local Church in Africa, faithfully proclaiming the Gospel, may promote peace and justice.
  • Value of Silence. That people today, often overwhelmed by noise, may rediscover the value of silence and listen to the voice of God and their brothers and sisters.
  • Persecuted Christians. That Christians suffering persecution in many parts of the world may by their witness be prophets of Christ's love.
  • People in Despair. That those feeling so crushed by life that they wish to end it may sense the nearness of God's love.
  • World Mission Day. That the celebration of World Mission Day may help all Christians realize that we are not only receivers but proclaimers of God's word.
  • Suffering Priests. That priests who experience difficulties may find comfort in their suffering, support in their doubts, and confirmation in their fidelity.
  • Latin American Churches. That as fruit of the continental mission, Latin American Churches may send missionaries to other Churches.
  • Victimized Children. That children who are victims of abandonment or violence may find the love and protection they need.
  • Prepare the Savior's Coming. That Christians, enlightened by the Word incarnate, may prepare humanity for the Savior's coming.

From the Vatican, 16 December 2011.
Benedictus PP XVI

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