Apostleship of Prayer

Apostleship of Prayer

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A Heart on Fire



Hi, I'm Santiago Rodriguez, S.J., the youth and young adult director for the Apostleship of Prayer.

Time and time again I return to these two mysteries: (1) Faith is mostly in the heart – it is not far and therefore we need to listen to what the heart is telling us; and (2) Jesus is the summary of our faith. These two mysteries are very relevant to youth and young adults. We can all learn to pray with the heart and to discern its movements. In taking the time to pay attention and to listen to our hearts, we discover that our desires are always pointing to the Heart of Jesus. As Bruce Springsteen sings, “Everybody has a hungry heart”--and only Jesus can satisfy it.

Praying with the heart is an opportunity to contemplate beauty; to grow in faith, hope, and love; and to find opportunities for service. We are all invited to become collaborators in the mighty enterprise of God's kingdom. In the service of that kingdom, our hearts are set on fire. As hearts are set on fire, our conversations, our prayer, and our service testify to Love. Indeed, faith is mostly in the heart.

I'm excited to work with youth and young adults for the Apostleship of Prayer. We at the AoP want to share with you our "simple, profound way of life." We invite you to join us in seeking heart-to-heart encounters with Jesus every day, and in offering ourselves to God each day for the good of others. Having these encounters and making this offering can change our lives--and our world.

I hope to meet you in person too. I travel to offer programs at parishes, schools, meetings, and conferences around the country. Please feel free to contact me for more information on talks, workshops, and retreats for teenagers and young adults at 414-486-1152 or srodriguezsj@apostleshipofprayer.org.

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