End to Child Soldiers: That the scandal of child soldiers may be eliminated the world over.
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Europe: That the peoples of Europe may rediscover the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Gospel which gives joy and hope to life.
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O Lord, to whom no one is a stranger and from whose help no one is ever distant, look with compassion on refugees and exiles, on segregated persons and on lost children; restore them, we pray, to a homeland, and give us a kind heart for the needy and for strangers.  Amen.

--From the Roman Missal


Daily Videos available free for you to view!

Dear Apostle of Prayer,

Sometimes I receive fan mail and this month I received an email that really made my day.

It was from a science teacher at a Catholic high school in the Midwest. He wrote: “I must tell you that you have found quite a fan base in my science classes. They are quite disappointed if we do not hear from you about the saints on a regular basis. (I often use your YouTube videos as a kickoff for our daily classroom prayer.) I watch their faces as they watch. Many are quite intent and engaged in thought as they ponder the true meaning of life during the videos. I have 4 classes a day, so I might watch the same video four times, yet I still enjoy the last time as much as the first. It is kind of like Holy Scripture in that regard.”

Since 2007 I’ve been creating daily two minute reflections for Relevant Radio and since 2008 we’ve been making them into videos. As I work on them it’s always good to know that people are viewing them and that they make a difference in their lives. You can see these videos at the Daily Reflections page on our website ( Just click on the Daily Video link.

The videos are on the internet where they can be viewed at no cost so if you can help us cover the costs of making them, I would sure appreciate it. A donation, no matter the size, will allow us to continue to produce these videos and help us reach out a greater number of youths all over the world. Thank you!

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,








Fr. James Kubicki, SJ                                                
National Director
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network
(Apostleship of Prayer)